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Kupidabin Wilderness Rescue Cockatoo

(featured in The Gathering on Inspireflix)

Kupi our Yellow Crested Cockatoo was found by Amy on her way to a Committee Meeting at Kupidabin 13th,January 2021. He was walking along in the middle of a very busy country road, Amy stopped and got out of her car, dodging the traffic, picked him up and drove to Kupidabin Wilderness with him in her hat on her lap.

Kupi cannot fly – he climbs the wire from the bush branches in his cage.

Des took care of him teaching him to drink water from an eyedropper.- feeding him until he learnt how to crack the sunflower seeds.

Kupi loves Sunflower seeds and an occasional biscuit – Very good at chewing timber!! Now is trying to talk.

His Cockatoo family come to visit quite often up to 30 at one time.

Kupi has a Story of his own to tell some other time.!!

Maureen Pickstone

KWCT Trustee.


(featured in The Gathering on Inspireflix)

Tommy is a Chital Deer Axis-Axis the first deer introduced into Queensland in the 1860’S

They are native to India and Siri lanka. Not many being farmed as they are a very timid deer. Their skin color does not change, they are Tropical Deer – do not grow a winter coat and keep their spots- just like Bambi.

Tommy who you will see in my documentary is a Rescue Deer. One day in August 2018 I had a call from a business woman who lived close to the city in Brisbane. she told me she had been to the RSPCA (for reason unknown) and saw a little deer sitting in a shed without any food or water. She asked an attendant why the deer didn’t have any water? The reply was he was waiting to be put down- they were not allowed to keep deer. This kind lady took the fawn home and immediately called me at Kupidabin Wilderness and emailed a photo of she said a Red Deer Fawn- it certainly looked like one in the photo. Red deer have spots when they are born and keep them for 3 months – a natural camouflage in the wild. Des and I went to pick the young fawn up approx 3 weeks old. The teenage children wanted to keep him but they had a small yard with neighbours with dogs on either side not a suitable situation. Des carried the little fawn out to our car and put him in my lap – while caressing him on our way home. I suddenly said to Des -“ THIS IS NOT A RED DEER FAWN IT IS A CHITAL DEER”. I was so excited it was as s though I had struck Gold or Won the Lottery! I had always wanted to hand raise a Chital Deer. They are so beautiful—but so quick – you cannot catch them

Tommy is now 5 years old and has been kept close to our house for protection. Our neighbors cows have come and ‘spooked’ him several times , he has jumped the fence and always came back later. The last time his escape was through the side fence – (The cows were too close) and he was seriously hurt. Deer are self healing with tender care. Now we are letting him ‘Free Range’ on our property which is very secluded. When I wake up in the morning he is grazing on the front lawn as soon as he sees me he is at the front door waiting for breakfast and a cuddle!! 4pm n the afternoon he is back for his dinner. We feed him deer pellets- he loves apples/carrots/ trimmings off fresh salad also has a sweet tooth for a bicky!! and enjoys Chris’s Rose Garden!! Tommy is very ‘Special’ Does not like Men or any Strangers or any loud noise- Very devoted to his Carers – understands what I say and ‘Obeys’

Written by Maureen Pickstone

KWCT Trustee.

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