Kupidabin Wildlife

The photos below were taken of local wildlife at Kupidabin Wilderness. Credit to Soulpaths – Steve McKenzie also Caretaker at Kupidabin Wilderness, for the photos

Koalas at Kupidabin Wilderness

Photos of the 2 Koalas sighted at Kupidabin Wilderness in 2016 were taken by Caretaker Steve McKenzie. Now in October 2018 we have 5. Research and Consultation by Maureen in 1980 with Forest Rangers and Neighbours – Members of one of the Pioneering families in our area at Mt. Samson. – Outcome was Koalas had not been seen here on GARUMNGAR Land for 100+ years as far as we know.

All at Kupidabin are thrilled to see the increase of our Native Wildlife over the years and are happy to provide a safe Sanctuary for them.