Representative on K.C.A.I. Committee for The First Nation People.

In recognition of her continuing support to Kupidabin Cultural Association inc.

Biography: Reverend Jennifer Thompson (Aunty Jenny) is a Deacon of the Anglican Church of Australia, and a qualified counselor/therapist. She is a member of the Australian Counselor Association. Jenny is also a qualified Mental Health Clinician and works within the area of Child and Youth Mental Health. She works on a part-time basis with the Mater CYMHS as a consultant and provides cultural clinical support to the service. Much of Jenny’s work has been with Indigenous women and their families; she has done this for many years. Jenny also provided a counseling service for the Youth Detention Centre and Women’s Correctional Centre. Jenny is also trained in emotional therapy, grief and loss counseling, play therapy, suicide intervention and sexual assault counseling. Through her private practice Jenny offers Individual and Family counseling, Professional Supervision, Spiritual & Ancestral Work, Cultural Intuitive Clearing and Cultural Body Work. Jenny is a respected Elder within the Aboriginal Communities as well as the wider communities.

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