with Richard Littlefeather (Native American Elder)

The drum has been with us from the beginning.
Throughout the world, indigenous cultures have
used the drum as a tool for communication, music, ritual, and healing.
To the Native Peoples the drum is the heartbeat of the nation. Its resonance is a powerful way to connect with self – with Spirit Medicine.

This workshop will take you on a journey of self discovery – the discovery of your spiritual connection with the drum!
Join us on a journey like no other – the journey of you!


Fri 9th.– Sun 11th. November 2018
Kupidabin Wilderness
7 Lyell Crt Mt Samson 4520

Cost Workshop: $350.00 $80.00 deposit +$50.00pp W/E Catering
Workshops fill very quickly!

Enquires to: Maureen Pickstone 0402 092 741 (registration)
Richard Littlefeather 0414 457 234 (workshop content)
www.medicinepower.net (about Richard)

You will need:
* A good sharp pair of scissors

(you will be cutting rawhide so they must be decent or bring two pair cheapies !!)

* A Hammer

* A stick for your drumstick
This may be gathered from nature or created with a dowel or whatever for/by you.
Whatever feels right with you. Most importantly, it should be comfortable to hold for sustained periods and sturdy enough to take a beating. Approx. 30 cm long. You may have other special items to decorate your stick with – feathers, crystals,
ribbon, fur, etc.. Great !! Bring ‘em !!

*Two old dye fast towels
* Personal Spiritual Items to be used in ceremony

It is highly suggested that participants remain on the grounds for the entire weekend, Bring your own tent or camp in the Cultural Centre (mattress supplied).
Healthy meals provided.

Please arrive for Friday eve registration
Ceremony begins promptly at 7:30pm !!
Arrivals after 4pm.

Drum Circle On Sat evening!! Drumming – Singing – Dancing !!!
Ceremony at 7:30pm. All Welcome !!

$10 per person $15 family
Inquires and to Book
Email: info@kupidabin.org
M: 0402 092 741

Richard Littlefeather

“Each of us are a part of the Sacred Hoop. It is from within this that we learn to walk Mother Earth with Respect. As we walk in and out of each day we must realize that all things are connected. That we are a part of something much greater than ourselves. And yet, it is the strength of the individual which creates the stronger whole.”

Born in Chimney Rock, Pennsylvania, USA, Richard has been following his Native Culture for many years. Growing up, he was taught many hand crafts such as leather working and beading from tribal members. A Lakota Sioux elder taught silver smithing and instructed Littlefeather in some of the cultural ways of his people.

            For over 24 years, Littlefeather has been counsellor, teacher, University lecturer, and public speaker.

Richard has been running workshops sharing culture, handcrafts, and teaching Personal Awareness. His teachings are based on the tenet of respect and awareness of the natural world around us. 

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