Holy Womb Temple of the Sovereign Blue Diamond

Priestess Initiation

Beloved Sister, Thank you for your interest in the Marae-Sis Holy Womb Temple of the Sovereign Blue Diamond, Priestess Initiation. This sacred offering will be run over the weekend of 8 th, 9 th, 10 th March Kupidabin North Brisbane. We will commence our temple Friday Night at 5:55pm and go Through till 5:55pm Sunday Afternoon- (optional additional overnight stay to integrate the frequencies and be present in the sanctuary)

During this journey we will be sharing from the teachings of the Waitaha Grandmothers and the codes of Hine-Aotea Goddess of the Blue Pounamu – Awakened now to speak Truth; Walk in Freedom, Higher Love, Peace and Grace. She is the holder of the first light frequencies and the blue ray, and opener of the White Heaven – Trail of Rongo Maraeroa – the pathway of peace with ancient matauranga (knowledge) from the 4 ancient ketes of knowledge.

This is an experiential journey of deep Self Care and nurturing as well as supporting you to step into the role of sacred midwife – as you hold space for others and midwife them through their own divine birthing process – While each woman is guided to receive the holistic expansion of the Holy Womb/heart, tara/yoni and sacred sound seeds highest expression of creation.

We will also be activating Grids and star points of your body’s temple and aligning to the First Light crystalline frequencies and initiating the embodiment of the Sovereign Blue Diamond Seal.

During this journey you will be Learning how to work with the Holy Womb Journeying how to work more intimately with the Lemurian technology of
the body temple and The Sovereign blue diamond womb of The Divine Mothers Blessing through the Holy Womb Magnetics, Frequencies and Vibrations, for aligned Sovereignty, Freedom, Peace ànd Grace – Where the power of Love super seeds the Love of Power.

This work could be uncomfortable for some people. which is totally normal and part of the process. You will be fully supported to go beyond your comfort zone safely and open into all aspects of yourself to peel the old layers of shame, guilt and fear away and renew yourself into a deeper, richer awareness of who you be as a sacred soul embodied in a feminine Temple.

A safe container will be created to invite you to dive deep into your fears, bringing awareness and loving acceptance to all parts of yourself, honouring the womb as a conduit of divine source energy so that it can be activated as a potent portal space that creates, alchemizes and transforms realities.

This is a safe honouring, nurturing environment where each woman is guided to be fully present to their authentic, individual energies and collective creative life force. All on a sacred mission to unify and heal the sacred feminine on a personal and collective level.

The accommodation is on sacred land at Kupidabin Wilderness, North of Brisbane 7 Lyell Ct, Mount Samson, QLD 4520. We will be staying in a long house, Marae Style with mattresses, so please bring own linen, bedding, pillows, earplugs (lol) etc for your own comfort.

The investment for this journey is $666 – (sacred numberics of carbon with the aim of turning carbon to crystalline) Numbers are strictly limited to 22.

A $222 deposit is necessary to secure your space (non refundable- refunded only for extenuating circumstances only) it is optional to make smaller payments leading up to the event by arrangement. Please contact Maureen at Kupidabin 0402 092 741 to pay your deposit to book your space and an extended payment Plan is available if required.

There are some items that you will be required to bring for the training:

Please bring a cushion, yoga mat, water bottle, own breakfasts and 4 vegetarian/Vegan meals to share –(Preferred pre made) however we do have a kitchen area outside and can heat up food or make simple meals. Please bring your Womb Journal, blank paged Art book (to draw in) colour pencils, flowers for altar, crystals for altar (to be returned after temple) Blue Goddess Dress and bling for initiation, comfortable clothes to wear during the day for practices.

Arrive Friday at 5:55pm into temple space, sacred circle, introductions, overview of weekend, first grounding activation, followed by a welcome dinner.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to journey with us onboard this waka. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Nga mihi mahana, Kindest regards,

Te Raukura Kingi Sayer, Priestess of The Kòpù Temple xxxx


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