Kupidabin Wilderness is a place of peace and harmony preserving the traditions and Ceremonies of Indigenous cultures in Australia and worldwide. It is a place for all people to heal, reconnect with nature and themselves, and to grow spiritually. We NEED YOUR HELP to complete our facilities and grow this sacred healing place.

Kupidabin provides an inclusive, welcoming space for spiritual healing and development. We also showcase local Indigenous art! Please get behind our efforts so we can upgrade our facilities to facilitate our disabled patrons and make Kupidabin even more inclusive

Kupidabin Wilderness Progress


We are still working on our Project to install a Wheelie Toilet and Shower.
A large amount of Earthwork needs to be done to have easy access for disabled Adults and Children and to enable them to be able to attend Kupidabin Events and Ceremonies. Estimated Cost $40,000.

To Donate – Contact Maureen 0402 092 741 Email info@kupidabin.org

February 2019.

Thank you to all our friends who have so generously donated to our Project to improve our Facilities. We have a very good quote to lay all the concrete required around the Cultural Centre. Only $6,000 short at this stage to commence work. A truck load of Colour Bond Roofing material has been donated by a local factory – very much appreciated. Just need some timber to build the much needed Veranda for shade.

I will keep this page updated as we proceed.

If you would like any more detailed information. Contact Maureen 0402 092 741 Email : info@kupidabin.org

Everyone is welcome at Kupidabin. Have you been for a sleepover yet?


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