Come and have a look at Kupidabin Wilderness’ Art Gallery and Craft Shop.

The Kupidabin Indigenous Art Gallery is ‘Open by appointment’. To purchase Craft supplies contact Maureen 0402 092 741

Four Winds Indigenous Art Gallery:


  • Original artwork by Maori and Aboriginal Artists
  • Indigenous Artifacts
  • and much more…

Craft Items Available:

  • Spiritual Items. Large range of Incense and Incense Holders.
  • Beautiful colourful Caftans from India.
  • Assorted Spiritual and Cultural Books and Videos for sale
  • Cow Bone, Buffalo Horn and Pipestone Hair Pipe Beads.
  • Fresh Water Clam Shell Buttons.
  • Buffalo Horn Bear Talons suit Necklaces
  • Arrowheads 30mm – Eagle 32mm- Feather 40mm- Turtle 23mm (polished nickel finish with simulated turquoise inlay)
  • Deer Antler mounted on Embossed Deer Leather Shields from $250.00
  • and much more…

Contact us for more information.

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