The 6th bi-annual Gathering Of The Four Winds will be held in November 2017, over the weekend of the 3rd, 4th and 5th. An opening ceremony will be held on the evening of the 3rd, commencing with a traditional Aboriginal ‘Welcome To Country’, followed by a spectacular event of Indigenous song and dance.


About The Four Winds Gathering:

The bi-annual ‘Gathering Of The Four Winds’ is a two day multicultural gathering held at Kupidabin Wilderness every second November. The gathering was created to allow people to experience the teachings, ceremonies and traditions of various Indigenous peoples and other cultures from around the world.

First held in 2007, the gathering hosts a variety of different workshops, ceremonies, and teachings to allow guests to more deeply connect with Mother Earth, with themselves, and with the various aspects of the spirit world and amazing universe we are all part of.

With facilitators including Indigenous Elders, the Gathering Of The Four Winds allows people to learn about a variety of different cultures and teachings, to explore various channels of personal healing and discovery, and share their spiritual and cultural experiences and beliefs with one another.



3rd, 4th & 5th November, 2017


Cost To Attend:

Opening Ceremony Only:

  • Adults: $40.00
  • Children (6-14yrs): $15.00
  • Family: $95.00 (2 adults & 2 children)
  • Concession Card Holders & Students: $25.00

Weekend Event (includes Friday night performance):

  • Adults: $325.00 (early bird before 30th September $275.00)
  • Children: $50.00


  • Saturday: $180.00
  • Sunday: $150.00


Groups of 10+ P.O.A.

Registration Now Open
Book before 30th September for early bird special
Closing date: 20th October, 2017


Meals & Accomodation:

Meals and accommodation are included, with campsites available (BYO tent) along with mattresses in the longhouse (BYO sleeping bag / bedding).


Bookings & Inquiries:

For booking registration form and program details, please contact us.

Workshop & Presenter Information

Dreaming and Yarning Circles - Aunty Jenny Thompson

The Dreaming Circle includes healing through our dreams that can help us to move on to what spirit has for us to do. It would take shape for what is the call for the day. The Yarning circle will focus on “Unfinished Business”. This too will help us to move forward to what our future holds for us.

Biography: Reverend Jennifer Thompson (Aunty Jenny) is a Deacon of the Anglican Church of Australia, and a qualified counselor/therapist. She is a member of the Australian Counselor Association. Jenny is also a qualified Mental Health Clinician and works within the area of Child and Youth Mental Health. She works on a part-time basis with the Mater CYMHS as a consultant and provides cultural clinical support to the service. Much of Jenny's work has been with Indigenous women and their families; she has done this for many years. Jenny also provided a counseling service for the Youth Detention Centre and Women's Correctional Centre. Jenny is also trained in emotional therapy, grief and loss counseling, play therapy, suicide intervention and sexual assault counseling. Through her private practice Jenny offers Individual and Family counseling, Professional Supervision, Spiritual & Ancestral Work, Cultural Intuitive Clearing and Cultural Body Work. Jenny is a respected Elder within the Aboriginal Communities as well as the wider communities.


Aboriginal Ceremony and Teachings - Old One

Old One will be leading ceremony and sharing Aboriginal culture. Old One is a shaman/healer and lore keeper of the western desert people from the Tanami Desert west of Alice Springs. He brings a timeless and deeply shamanic energy to the work of connecting to authentic manhood, drawing from his extensive experience and knowledge of indigenous spirituality. Old One is one of the original people this land and is an elder of the Men’s Wellbeing community.


Earth connection – Nunumunganah and Djalambu

The winds of change are blowing from many directions and felt upon the skin of peoples throughout all lands on dear Mother Earth. We are being challenged to remember the old ways and dance the new with sacredness, purpose and potency. Our Earth is calling, the Ancestors are calling, our children are calling for us to reconnect and step forth as balanced Spirits. Ochre is part of the life blood of Sacred Earth that has been used for millennia in ceremony to mark the skin and open the connection between the physical body of the Earth, the person and to the Spirit of all. A circle will be created and attendees will be invited to take part in both being the Spirit artist marking others with Ochre and also the Spirit canvas marked by others with deep honouring and respectfulness. One person will be invited to be the canvas at a time and with mediation others will be invited to mark their sister/brother with symbols, images and colours that they see in that person. Once complete the person marked will join with the artists and a new canvas will arise. From experience this ceremony quietens the mind and opens the heart to visions and clarity of purpose, yet is different for each person. Nunumunganah will co-facilitate this workshop with Djalmbu, to share this healing energy and spirit from nature with others. They will assist you create your own ritual (healing tool) from connecting with the awesome healing power if Mother Earth. This Earth Connection puts Nunumunganah and Djalmbu in touch with their feelings and soul story, from their higher selves. This ceremony is in acknowledgment and honouring of all traditional peoples on Mother Earth and their Elders, their ways and belief systems.

Biography: A number of years ago, Nunumunganah found out the possibility of having Aboriginal Heritage. In 2005, he embarked on a 3-month solo journey through the deserts of Central Australia to hear dreamtime stories from Indigenous Elders to try to understand, reclaim and connect with this ancient culture and the spirit of this land to understand “who I am. What is my purpose in life". He has done many similar journeys since. Many years of Men's/Elder business. So often, he has felt like a black man on the inside and a white man externally. On the trip, he learned much about himself, connecting with the spirit, the very essence of this land, the emptiness, the fullness, the timelessness, feeling a sense of belonging there, just to be in the now. Everywhere he went he felt the healing and nurturing presence of the Earth Mother, always feeling safe. Nunumunganah’s passion is to empower people to connect with their feelings through nature to create their own internal healing.

Djalmbu walks in many worlds. Caring for Country and acknowledging those that have gone before. Sacred ceremony and journeys of the soul and a hands on healing touch. Creating opportunities for affordable, sustainable and socially connected lives via learning and sharing knowledge in academia and within community. Creating the safe space for words of truth to be spoken and heard and growth to occur. And lastly, most importantly, he loves with a full heart the dance of the divine feminine, his children and those close. Djalmbu brings a calmness to sacred ceremony with a mix of past learnings and guidance from the moment that is. Experienced in sacred sweat lodge, healing ceremonies for people and place, fire and stone circle creation, Djalmbu rises to what is required in that moment to be in sacred service.


Awakening the New Human From Within - Kim Koreke

If we are dreaming in new beginnings, a new earth with new humans etc, many of our ways of identifying ourselves must fall away. Drawing from her own journey of identity, including her indigenous heritage, Kim will invite participants to look at the ways we may be keeping ourselves small and limiting our expansion into the multidimensional beings that we are.

Biography: As one of the Grandmothers of Australia’s Counsel of 13 Grandmothers, Kim is now anchoring in the Elder wise woman. The journey of life has brought her to a balanced, aligned and embodied place within the feminine. She brings forth her gifts of wisdom and guidance now as she offers unique and personal journeys to the Central Desert of Australia, her homeland. “Being comfortable in my own skin as a woman, accepting all facets of my personality and fully acknowledging and owning my indigenous heritage and bloodline has been an incredible journey for me.” As an Arrernte woman, born in Alice Springs, and living mostly on the East Coast of Australia, Kim knows that the connection to country and her indigenous family has been a pivotal part of her own journey. She now invites others to come home to their own unique essence through the various workshops, talks and journeys she offers.


Medicine Wheel - Richard Littlefeather

This is the natural way of things – that everything flows one into the other – unless of course, we aren’t listening and have to repeat the lesson again!! Round we go to pick up what we missed the other time, or times, as the case may be. Take a look at Mother Earth, the seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall or Autumn, Winter, then back again to Spring, Summer…. and the circle continues. These things provide constant flowing rhythms. Their vibrations resonate in and through each of us. And when we are tune with these rhythms we are happy, healthy human beings.
Join us as we take a quick glimpse into the Medicine Wheel and how each of us can use this simple tool to find out where we are. Because, you see, if we know where we are – we will know the next step to take. The Medicine Wheel will show you!

Biography: Born in Chimney Rock, Pennsylvania, USA, Richard has been following his Native Culture for many years. Growing up, he was taught many hand crafts such as leather working and beading from tribal members. A Lakota Sioux elder taught silver smithing and instructed Littlefeather in some of the cultural ways of his people. For over 24 years, Littlefeather has been counsellor, teacher, University lecturer, and public speaker. Richard has been running workshops sharing culture, handcrafts, and teaching Personal Awareness. His teachings are based on the tenet of respect and awareness of the natural world around us.


Flute workshop and a Native American Dreaming Ceremony - Claudia Ocean

Flute Circle: Learn to play Native American flute! Hear the story of the first flute, receive a flute blessing and experience playing this wonderful instrument which can become your second voice. A Lakota prayer song will be learned together, in flute and in human voice. Flutes available for those who do not own a flute.

Dreamwork Sessions: As a Dream Scout, I will show you a way to work with your own dreams, to remember them and even to re-enter them for guidance. On average, we spend seven years of our lives in our own dreamlike realm. Significant dreams can be our wisest guides.

Biography: Claudia Ocean comes from Turtle Island and is a relative of the Lakota Nation. She is a storyteller, musician, dancer and artist. She leads flute circles and storytelling sessions in many languages including Lakota, Cherokee, Iriquois, Spanish and Sanskrit. Since 2002, Claudia has worked in Australia for a number of leading NGOs to raise money and awareness for worthy causes. She has raised a large family and now steps into her Native American lineage as a Dream Scout, remembering and sharing teachings from her grandmothers. She teaches how to play flutes and leads Dream Work gatherings in Byron Bay, which has welcomed her as home.

Kowhaiwhai for Kupidabin - Nina Maika

The Kowhaiwhai for Kupidabin workshop is for all people to participate in the creation of the unique Kupidabin Kowhaiwhai. Kowhaiwhai are designs created by Maori that adorn their traditional meeting houses. They are elaborately painted scrolls. The Kowhaiwhai panel once completed will then become a permanent artwork within the Kupidabin Long House.

Biography: I come from the Land of the Long White Cloud – Aotearoa, my ancestors and me. Tuturu Te Arawa, yup thats me. I assist people in their journey in creativity. I love to instigate cultural instincts and birthing new ways to see. Culture Art Style are intrinsic elements to my creativity. Kiaora, yup thats me.


Whistle Dreaming - Mike Mee

Peruvian Whistling Vessels are an entheosonic device, which have been used by the indigenous people of South America for thousands of years to induce a liminal state of consciousness for accessing spiritual wisdom and healing (entheosonic = access to the divine within through sound). They fell silent when the Spanish arrived 500 years ago, and remained silent until their purpose was rediscovered in 1972. They are active in the world again through the skills of Donnie Wright, who makes tuned sets of the vessels to order in accordance with the traditional way, and they are now spreading out into the world, heralding a new era of consciousness rooted in indigenous spirituality. Mike has a set of eight vessels, which we will use to access our inner wisdom to provide us with insight and healing.

Biography: Mike has been on a journey from his head to his heart in search of his authenticity as a man since his painful divorce at the end of last century. Coming from a heady engineering background, he launched his journey to the heart through the vibrant men’s movement in this part of the world, attending the Manshine Men’s Gathering in 2001 – his first of many gatherings and deeper men’s workshops. Mike discovered Peruvian Whistling Vessels in 2014 through a serendipitous set of circumstances, including a vision quest, a retreat in the East MacDonnell Ranges with Frank Ansell, Arrernte lawman and traditional healer (nungkari), and a journey into the Andes with Luzclara Camus, Mapuche medicine woman (machi).


Crystal Reiki Drum Healing - Grandmother Wendy Williamson

As one of the founding members of Australia’s Counsel of 13 Grandmothers, Wendy will be offering a Crystal Reiki Drum Healing technique she have been using for over 20 years. This will be held in a tipi which will enhance the energy to a high level of healing. Wendy uses her shamanic teachings taught to her by three different Native American Elders - an Inuit, Apache and Sandhill Lenape. She is a certified Drum Healer and a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Intuitive. As a Physic Medium and Reiki Master, Wendy is well versed in all ways of ceremony and trained in all aspects of healing. Grandmother Wendy works from the heart.


Empowerment through Mindfulness - John Unal

Discovering your inner wisdom and living an empowered life based on your uniqueness
Mindfulness is our natural ability to be fully present. It is developed through simple focusing-type practices, which involve calming the restless mind and relaxing the body. In this workshop you will engage with the theory and practice of mindfulness in order to develop and embody increased presence, awareness and responsiveness. The workshop will cover the concept of the mind and brain, definition of mindfulness, fun exercises to cultivate present moment awareness, inspiration to live a meaningful life, guided meditations and discussion to share experience, progressive ideas and build on the group’s learning.

Biography: Jon is a registered counsellor and the founder of Conscious Beginnings – Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Education. He works with clients struggling with stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, and self-esteem issues. He is also an associate of Mindfulness Works Australia, one of the leading mindfulness training organisations in Australia and New Zealand. He has been practising meditation and mindfulness for over 10 years and it became an essential part of his daily life. Mindfulness helps him to live in the moment and be fully present with people he works with. Jon currently lives in Brisbane and runs individual, group and corporate mindfulness trainings and retreats in addition to his private practice.


Appreciating Place - Daniel Rekdahl and Merryl Simpson

A guided walk and talk around Kupadabin identifying natives, weeds, bush-tucker and other interesting features, with time to connect and appreciate the place we get to know.

Biographies: Daniel is a Field Botanist in residence at Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre and Eco Guide at Binna Burra. Nicknamed ‘Mr Botanoogle’ for his extensive knowledge of ecology, Daniel appreciates the cyclical cycles of nature… “Place makes the plants and plants make the place”.

Merryl is a Teacher at Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre facilitating programs and workshops to reconnect children and adults with nature and co-facilitator with My Yoga Retreat. Passionate and heart driven, Merryl loves creating space for others to “slow down and notice the extra in the ordinary”.


Ancestor Circle - Steve McKenzie

The Circle is opened in a shamanic way calling in directions, animal energies, elements, and the Ancestors of this place. Our own ancestors, particularly our four grandparents, are also invited in to join us. The connection enables us to acknowledge the gifts passed down and an opportunity to hand back what is not ours. Why connect with ancestors? They want to support us in this life, help heal the family soul, hand back stuff that is not ours to carry, and know and use our gifts and talents.

Biography: Steve (Soulpaths Founder) is the caretaker for Kupidabin and lives on the property. Steve is a trained Vision Quest facilitator and Vision Quest protector trainer (Stalking Wolf lineage, New Jersey). He is a Family Constellations facilitator provides group workshops, as well as one-one constellation work. He is an Ontological Coach (Newfield Institute) and provides one-to-one coaching, soul-path guidance, as well as corporate workshops. Steve understands the relevance and place for ceremony and ritual, connection with Nature, living our life purpose, earth spirituality, shamanism, sacredness, consciousness, working with ancestors, Elderhood, ancient wisdom, balancing the feminine and masculine, and inner transformation.


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