Welcome to Kupidabin Wilderness

Situated in beautiful bushland just 35 minutes drive from Brisbane CBD, Kupidabin Wilderness is a place of peace and harmony dedicated to preserving the teachings, ceremonies and traditions of indigenous people and other cultures from Australia and around the world.

Located at the foothills of Mount Samson, Kupidabin Wilderness is 10 acres of sacred ground, including ceremonial sites, campgrounds and amenities, and a beautiful longhouse featuring a gallery full of sacred artifacts and artworks.

Whether you wish to attend one of our many events, workshops or retreats, or are looking for a place to host one of your own, feel free to browse our website to see how we can help you, or contact us for bookings, enquiries or more information.

Fees and donations received by Kupidabin Wilderness go towards upkeep of the grounds and facilities, with surplus funds being donated to Moreton Bay Region community organisations in need.

Events, Workshops & Retreats

  • Peace Fire

    A Multicultural Peace Fire is lit on the 7th. Day of every month at 7pm. At Kupidabin Wilderness 7 Lyell…

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